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MyBestCanvas is an online art gallery specialized in selling original paintings signed by talented artists worldwide. All the paintings we sell are original and we offer free shipping worldwide to all our customers. If you are looking to buy paintings for your home or office, our online art gallery provides you a simple purchasing platform where you can get in contact directly with the artists we represent, without paying high commissions to any "middle man", usually art galleries. Find the painting you would like to buy, place your order and wait for the artist reply. We represent painters from different countries worldwide from USA, Europe, Australia or South America. You can buy art for sale from a variety of themes including abstract paintings, landscape paintings, floral art, watercolor or oil paintings. You can browse our paintings for sale by theme, medium, style, price or size.

New paintings for sale:

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2015, Oil on Canvas
Size: 24x20 inches
Price: 600 USD
Still Life With Teddy Bear Painting For Sale

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1972, Oil on Canvas
Size: 13x17 inches
Price: 1000 USD
Village On The Vyatka Painting For Sale

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2008, Oil on Canvas
Size: 12x16 inches
Price: 680 USD
Oranges And Narcissi Painting For Sale

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1997, Oil on Canvas
Size: 16x17 inches
Price: 800 USD
Early Winter Painting For Sale

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2014, Oil on Canvas
Size: 16x36 inches
Price: 1500 USD
Pumpkins And Pomegranates Painting For Sale

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1971, Oil on Canvas
Size: 14x20 inches
Price: 1300 USD
Lake Malinets Painting For Sale

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2009, Oil on Canvas
Size: 20x28 inches
Price: 3200 USD
In The Plein Air Painting For Sale

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1990, Oil on Canvas
Size: 28x34 inches
Price: 1450 USD
Vegetables And Fruits Painting For Sale