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Artist Biography

Curriculum vitae:
I was born in 1950, in Mosonszentpéter, Hungary. After finishing secondary school I continued my studies at the Decorator Training School in Budapest. Every summer I attended the courses of the Open School of István Szőnyi Fine Arts in Zebegény and for some years I took part in the work of Open School of Mártély. I took a degree in drawing and geography at the Teacher Training College in Pécs. Then I worked as an employed graphic artist. I have specialized on oil painting since 1985. I have been the member of Landscape Artists International-LAI-Group and the Universal Hungarian Artistic Association-EMKES-Stockholm and the New Yorker Soho and Chelsea Artistic Communities. In April 2004. an introducing article was published about my work in ArtisSpectrum Magazin in New York.

About my painting:
I would like to do european fine art painting. I believe in renovation with the help of past but without destruction. I paint tablepaintings and canvas pictures with oil. I am interested in aspects of artificial and natural environment and figural representation. As far as I can manage I would like to avoid technicism and the influence of other genre and culture in my work. I use the trinity of perspective, light and colour. I want to combine plein air with expressive light effects. I work with special painting appliance, alla prima, without predrawing. The facture of my paintings is impasto and plastic, I highlight the figures with facet surface treatment and I use the results of modern colourtheory.

Artist Statement:
The secret of continous renewal of european art was high-level natural representation and modernizing traditional styles. In XX. th. century a part of artists stopped this tradition so foreign effects and prehistoric laching in style increased. In my opinion Academis of Fine Arts would give back the reputation of European art. These STYLE ACADEMIES (Greek, Roman, Renaissance, Baroque etc.) world provide continuosity with taking care of, learning and modernizing traditional European styles. I trust in viability of European fine art painting and it gives power for my work.