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Hi everyone my name is Jary and I am 25 years old and I love painting and drawing my 4 years old daughter do like to do same. And we like to sell our staff here are original hand painting .
U may want to know what I do for living. . I don't work I have 3 baby's 4 year old daughter 2 years daughter and my son almost 1 year old. Reason I take care for them full time and plus baby has a condition and my husband has metal in his back plus I am injury in my back .. and I was thinking I think is best to work on in what I really love to do is painting I love it I remember painting my mom home all over since a kid .... all people I been around they told me omg ur grate u must become a artist .
I born in Ecuador raised in Peru and been in USA sinse 15 years old and so I am 25 :) wish u like what I do
God bless u all around the world 💕