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  • Living Room: How to Decorate with Landscape Art Paintings

    Why to decorate with landscape art Landscape wall art were very appreciated among famous painters and they are still required. If you are an art lover you should have a landscape painting not just for the beauty of it but as a great memory creator. We all know how pictures remind us of beautiful places we went or want to go, but what if we could experience emotions and feelings about that place even before we go there? Landscape paintings are a way to express feelings and a way to experience them if your are the viewer. Monet, it is said, could tell the time of the day by looking at the light outside his...Read More

    03/08/2023 Art Blog 768
  • Living Room: Decorating the Wall With Abstract Art Paintings

    IntroductionAbstract paintings are a direct, private, and intimate dialogue between the human mind and the brush, grasping a moment or a transitory feeling. It is an explosion of feelings that were never left out. It is hardly unexpected that abstract art has frequently been compared to a form of introspective mysticism by critics and artists. It emphasizes minimalism's use of color, strokes, and shape to produce an optical illusion of visual reality that is distinct from outside visual cues. One could assume that viewing abstract art should be exciting: a visual journey full of forms, patterns, and motion. An...Read More

    03/07/2023 Art Blog 736
  • How to Decorate Your Living Room Wall With Art

    Introduction The living room is the gathering place for the entire family and where visitors are welcomed. Because of this, the aesthetic element is crucial. You need to take into account how you adorn the walls in this space to get the required effect. The wall behind the sofa frequently houses the most decorations because the other walls are equally functional (you have shelves, cabinets or other objects). You must follow some guidelines to properly arrange your living room, but don't forget to employ your imagination and individual taste as well. Decide on the Decorative Style A room's aesthetic...Read More

    03/07/2023 Art Blog 481