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Our Company is Selling Giclées

MyBestCanvas is part of ArtInvest SRL, a company specialized in selling modern canvas art online. We offer a carefully selected art prints, sold as high quality Giclées on canvas.

"Giclée prints" and "regular prints" refer to two different techniques for reproducing artwork on various surfaces such as paper or canvas. Giclée printing is known for its excellent print quality. It uses pigment-based inks that can produce vibrant and long-lasting colors. They can capture fine details and offer exceptional sharpness, making them ideal for complex and highly detailed artwork. This technique provides a wide range of colors and precise color reproduction. Giclée prints are known for their fade resistance and color longevity. When printed on high-quality materials, they can last for decades without fading.

They are often produced on archival-grade paper or cotton canvas, enhancing their durability. You can choose from various options for support, dimensions, and finishes to tailor giclée prints to your specific needs and preferences. High-quality giclée prints can be relatively expensive due to their superior print quality and archival materials.

We believe that Gliceé is a unique idea to represent shapes and colors. The artist has more control over the final result through correction. This type of printing has more benefits than other techniques. The elements are well processed and arranged. The artist has greater control over the correction. The result is a work that expresses beautiful emotions to help the end customer to create that atmosphere he always wanted.

With MyBestCanvas decorating your home is now possible. We assure the customer unique digital prints that reflect the quality/price ratio. There is no need to spend a fortune to buy art online. We try to offer minimum prices for Giclee paintings on canvas, specially created by us.

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The words of the founder:


"MyBestCanvas was founded in 2023, in order to offer in the USA online market and Europe, a new type of digital art. We work with the new trend of digital art called Giclee, which allows us to make high-quality digital prints that perfectly mimic a painting, capturing the artist's brushstroke. This new technique is ideal for decorating the house, in a more modern and artistic way.

Personally, I tried to buy Giclee prints in several art galleries. But to my surprise, I did not find any gallery that sells modern and unique digital art. Unfortunately, I found the same patterns of classic photographs printed on low-quality canvas. Giclee offers a unique beauty and manages to convey the feeling of art that an interior design needs to stand out. That's why we think of MyBestCanvas as an online art gallery for those customers who are looking for something different, of quality, and without spending thousands of dollars.

We offer Giclee art carefully painted to convey a sense of well-being to the viewer and a warm atmosphere to the room in which it will be placed. We print the artwork with professional pigment-based inks, and on the best canvas in the world, which resists UV or scratch-resistant sunlight for 100 years. All works will look as good as the first day.  We have also created three main categories, including abstract art, landscape art, and floral art.

We are a modern art gallery that offers its services to salons, hotels, institutions, and people who need interior decorations to create a special and original space. We are so convinced that a single painting purchased from MyBestCanvas, will improve the atmosphere in the room where it is placed. We offer to all customers 10 Days Right to Try on the Wall. If you are not 100% satisfied you can return it without any problem.

MyBestCanvas Team