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Brush stroke peony flowers Painting on canvas

 READY TO HANG: The painting Brush Stroke Peony Flowers is a beautiful Giclée art print on canvas. You can choose to receive it stretched (gallery wrap) and ready to hang. We offer free shipping to USA and European Union countries + a 10-Day Money Back Guarantee.
 ORIGINAL WALL ART: Brush Stroke Peony Flowers is an original image created by our team (you can not find it printed by other online galleries).
 PAINTED LOOK: Experience special feelings! Thanking to our Giclee printing technique, the print is almost like a traditional artwork, with everything from colour clarity to brush stroke feel. It is like having an original painting on your wall but at a better price.
 THE BEST MATERIALS: The artwork is sold as a high quality print on a Premium Fine Art 380g/m2 Cotton Canvas (the same canvas used by traditional artists) and varnished like an original oil painting. Read more info about how we create our floral Giclee prints: HERE >>


Rolled Canvas: We'll send the canvas rolled in a tube. Can be easily stretched at any local frame shop (choose this option to save 50 USD for a nice frame).
Gallery Wrap: The canvas wraps around the sides of the stretcher bar (mirroring the front image) and a frame is not required.

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